A Womb of Divine Strange Inceptions

I'm a demon, a heretic, I’m evil, I trick you in the grove

Oh sacred grove, a portal in another dimension

A womb of divine strange inceptions

Of new things that come from old

Or better, a hole through which we go through again and again to find pleasure, ecstasy and our whole (whore) Selves,

United but disjointed,

Multiple bodies fusing skin and saliva

For a new brotherhood of men, and sisterhood of women, of trans- men and women and all in between,


of muddy leaves and juicy fruits

Of green grass imbued with our sweat,

Of mouths holes pores tears and laughs,

Energy from heart to heart.

This is the Spirit you tried to suppress

But now with all our force we are back

When my body becomes Earth
When Things Go Wrong