Simon Olmetti

My practice focuses on queering nature, the landscape and ecology (intended as "home" and spirit). I'm particularly drawn to liminal spaces like forests, stone circles and other places connected to some form of spirituality and mythology. I consider queering as an act of (re)appropriation and transformation, in order to free it from centuries of patriarchal oppression. My research is guided by the use of queer ecology and eco-feminism, together with alternative spirituality, magic and rituals. The aim is to reclaim the use of the natural landscape, recuperating the past in order to create new

possibilities and futures, through photography, drawing and performance.

I’m an artist based in London. I'm currently enrolled for a PhD in Fine Arts at the University for the Creative Arts (in partnership with UAL). I’ve gained an MA in Art Photography from Westminster University and studied painting and performance at various institutions, including Central Saint Martin’s College and LADA (Live Art Development Agency). My practice explores questions of identity, desire and place through drawing, photography and performance.

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